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Maritime Surveillance Cameras
SEA.AI is the first system to detect persons in water.  Whether night  or otherwise challenging conditions.  SEA.AI’s built-in thermal cameras  precisely detect objects by temperature differences as small as 0.05°C.

Meticulously  designed to bridge awareness gaps left by unsignalling objects  effectively bypassing AIS and radar signals, SEA.AI supports efficient surveillance and rescue missions. SEA.AI equips crews with a  comprehensive view from a secure vantage point, day and night, allowing  for ideal operational speed with unwavering confidence.

Safeguarding sensitive waters and coastlines, overseeing restricted  sea and lake zones or protecting offshore platforms and installations.

SEA.AI systems are designed to vigilantly monitor high-risk areas 24/7,  using AI technology that commands unparalleled object  detection day and night.

Heightened protection through situational  awareness with machine vision technology.  SEA.AI systems detect objects  with unmatched accuracy and immediately alert responsible personnel,  enabling swift and decisive action.
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